Learn to Fence!

Learn to Fence!

Learn to Fence!Learn to Fence!

Anyone can run and throw, but how many can handle a sword? …

About Us

Dedicated Coaches

Academies of Fencing  has several coaches affiliated with the US Fencing Coaches Association who provide both group and individual lessons.  Our coaches pursue continuing education in all aspects of the sport and serve on local, regional and national councils. Our assistant coaches manage the beginner and intermediate classes, providing a good mix of theory and practical experience. All of our coaches have competative experience. All instructors are Safe Sport certified by the USOC.

Our Goals

The aim of the Academies of Fencing in Baltimore (AFB) is to produce top-quality, competitive fencers. This is accomplished by giving novices a solid foundation in fencing rules and technique; providing modern international-style instruction for the more advanced; holding periodic workshops in officiating, weapon repair, coaching methods; and by including a love for fencing and a respect for its traditions. Members compete in local, regional and national events of the US Fencing Association; AFB is the Baltimore link in the chain of top East Coast clubs; and unlike some other clubs, AFB fences in all three weapons—foil, epee and sabre.

But we also encourage and train those that just want a recrational sport or a physical activity.

What we're About

The stamina of swimming, the toughness of football, the reflexes of ping-pong, the tactics of chess… the reassuring click as the opponent's blade falls into your waiting parry, the feeling of satisfaction as your point deceives the opponent's parry and lands with a solid thud on his chest … one of the oldest sports in the history of mankind and one of the newest, with electronic wizardry recording every hit your make … the swashbuckling drama of individual combat, the good feeling of team victory … a long tradition of honor and sportsmanship … becoming proficient in a new sport . . . physically demanding, yet mentally challenging and rewarding … a sport which knows no age limit, from eight to ninety eight.


Classes are held Monday thru Friday evenings and Saturday

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Academies of Fencing

Why Learn to Fence?

Tri Weapon Fencing

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